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Have Your Say, Dovizioso will not take the proverbial sabbatical year out, simply because it does not make any sense. At all! What would he be achieving in doing so? if anything, he may quit after 2020, which is the most likely scenario. Lorenzo's father is the one feeding unsubstantiated claims that Jorge will be riding for Ducati in 2021. As far as we know, Jorge Lorenzo is enjoying life as a retiree.
a rather stupid comment, especially as albon WAS standing firm !  he had the line, he was ahead, he didnt chicken out  etc.  what more could he have done?
I can not be the only one who saw an actual onboard footage which clearly shows the contact between Carlos ans Seb? Was it a mistake to go for the gap, yes. Would he spun then and there without that contact, absolutely not. But the hate is so big that everyone just keeps on thrashing. Maybe before posting anything we should all add "I hate ..." so we are all clear on who is objective and who is just a hater.    
Albon needs to man up and front him or unload him on-track; so that he earns the respect. He's 0 from 2 vs. LH. , more than prepared for it to be 0 from 3 it would appear.  But to be fair the field is full of wimps they are all a bit pathetic in this regard.
This community doesn't need anyone who is writing racist comments, just get out and don't come back and that goes for SÉRGIO COSTA.